This app is powered by the EVE Online Single Sign-On (SSO) system and utilises the new EVE Swagger Interface (or "ESI") API. What this means is no more worrying about creating and inputing API keys, we will get what is needed when you authorise this app in the sign in process. Let's be clear though, CCP does NOT share any login information or information about your account with us, only the character you select during the sign on process.

To get started, click the button below and login using your main character. Making sure you use your main is important as your access rights to services is based on this character.

What is asked for during sign-on, what are the scopes?

You will be asked to authorise the following API calls. The names should be fairly self-explanatory as to what they allow access to, and note we only request read scopes, so we won't be sending any EVE mails on your behalf or other weird things write scopes grant! Please ask your recruiter if you need clarification on anything here.